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Our Elite licensed cycling coach provides mountain bike and road bike training programs and coaching from Sandy, Utah.
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Bike Racing 101
"Bike Racing 101" by Kendra and Rene Wenzel. Published in May 2003. A brief glance at this book reveals a wealth of information on advanced racing strategy and tactics, unequaled in any other book.
The Cyclist's Training Bible, 3rd Ed
"The Cyclist's Training Bible, 3rd Edition" by Joe Friel Published in Feb 2003. An update of the time tested "bible". Adds a significant amount of information on training with power, plus other changes. Best for the serious cyclist who is ready to do some serious studying. Recreational cyclists will be overwhelmed by this book.
The Ultimate Ride
"The Ultimate Ride" by Chris Carmichael. Published in June 2003. A training guide that appears to be an improvement on the "LA Performance Program" linked below.
LA Performance Program
"The Lance Armstrong Performance Program" by Chris Carmichael. Published in Sept 2000. This is one of the best cycling books for recreational cyclists, including cyclists in charity rides. It covers all the basics, including nutrition, endurance training and weight training.
Smart Cycling
"Smart Cycling" by Arnie Baker. Published in Mar 1997. This is one of the best cycling books for novice racers. Contains several great indoor trainer workouts, making the book well worth the buy. Also has a good section on racing, including tactics and strategy, and a complete review of training information.
The Mountain Bikers Training Bible
"The Mountain Bikers Training Bible" by Joe Friel. Published in June 2000. Joe Friel adapts his well known road cycling bible to mountain bikers.
Stretching: 20th Anniversary
"Stretching: 20th Anniversary" by Anderson. The seminole book on static stretching! Plenty of cycling specific stretches are included.
Sports Nutrition Guidebook
"Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook" by Nancy Clark. 3rd Edition published in August 2003. Packed with detailed information, including pre-race, during race and post-race nutrition. Also has a weight loss section and hundreds of recipes.
Bicycling Medicine
"Bicycing Medicine" by Arnie Baker. Published in Sept 1998. Arnie, a medical doctor, offers symptoms, causes and solutions to cycling's nagging injuries. Knee pain? This book may be a good place to start.

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